Considering to upgrade to DDR3

Currently I'm using 4gb (2x2) Corsair TWIN2X PC6400 (CL5-5-5-18, 800MHz). Not particulary flashy, I know. Recently received my salary and a bit of a bonus however, and I'm itching to pop open the computer ;)

Currently my setup involves:
GPU: 275 GTX
Mobo: Gigabyte MA790X-UD3P
And of course the aforementioned memory.

Now, to even get DDR3 the mobo will obviously have to go. Currently I have my eyes on an Asus Crosshair IV Formula to replace it. From what I have seen and heard, it's a mobo that has satisfied most of the buyers, aside from some reports of a heatsink error related to the northbridge (which doesn't worry me that much as it would just be a matter of RMA).

As for memory, I'm looking at Corsair Dominator DHX+ DDR3 1333MHz 8GB (CL7-7-7-20). Why 8GB? I want to get a bit ahead and do some future-proofing this time.

So, my question is pretty much; does this look like a decent plan? Or will the upgrade path not really offer performance worth the investment?

And just a quick note. I'm living on the wrong side of the pond, so less known brands might not be too easy to dig up here, and customs tends to add all sorts of cruel expenses to anything more expensive than a shoddy fan or a pack of cigarettes, often making it an expensive venture to order from abroad.
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  1. Well getting that motherboard won't give you any performance boost because motherboards don't affect the systems performance,however it has a better OC'ng potential,
    As for RAM,upgrading from 4GB to 8GB won't give you a huge boost in performance in today's games and apps unless you have multiple pages of Image/video editing projects at the same time.
  2. ^ Agreed

    Firstly don't grab the 8GB until you need it as you won't require it yet and upgrading RAM is very simple. So do it later if its needed.

    Your board is pretty nice and you won't see any performance increase unless your preparing for a MAXIMUM Overclock which has nothing to do with performance just fun. To reach the limits of your motherboard you would need more than an air cooler so I don't see the point. Your board would be able to OC to any respectable level where performance actually increases.
    Therefore I think getting a new board will be a waste of money.

    Also DDR3 ram won't net you any performance increase over your current RAM.

    So what do I recommend if I condemn your whole plan?

    I recommend instead of putting money into a motherboard and RAM just grab a new graphics card like the HD 5870. Then in a few months you could upgrade your board and ram and processor to the new AMD "Bulldozer" CPUs.

    If you do not really require any upgrades right now then it would be best if you wait (which means no graphics card). As of now three new generations are right around the corner Intel Sandy Bridge, AMD Bulldozer and 6XXX.

    Hope that helps.
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