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Hi everyone,

I am looking at building an i7 920 system with a Gigabyte UD7 motherboard and Corsair CMG6GX3M3A2000C8 6GB Dominator GT Ram.

Just wondering if anyone could help me with what cpu cooler to use. I was looking at a coolermaster V10 but I am worried that the ram won't fit underneath it.

So does anyone know:

1) If the ram will fit under it?
2) If not, what cpu cooler should I use?
3) With this motherboard and ram setup, will I have to oc the ram to get it running at its rated speed?

Regarding overclocking I will be aiming to get the cpu running 24/7 stable at 3.8ghz but want the cpu to run as cool as can be on air.

Thanks in advance
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  1. You can take a look @ some reviews i would shy away from that HSF http://benchmarkreviews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=371&Itemid=62
  2. i know you said you want it cooling as best as possible on air and in my opinion then lclc counts as air :P so to be honest of you are putting that much RAM in and apace is an issue i.e. you have a small case or are just trying to make things clutter free then i would recommend the Corsair H50, whilst it can seem expensive it would be comparable price wise to a V10 and would put less stress on you mobo in the long term as most of the weight is not hanging of it. Up to you but the cooling performance should be comparable too.
  3. First of all, I think you are overspending on ram.
    Faster ram or lower timings do not produce much in the way of faster application times or improved FPS. Perhaps 1-3%

    Fancy heat spreaders and cooling systems are mostly a marketing gimmick. Ram does not need more than normal case cooling.

    Most coolers will fit if you install the ram first.

    As to the best cooler, which is a good idea if you are an overclocker or not, then read this review:

    What I like is that it was done using a common fan which lets you measure the cooler, not it's fan.
  4. Other than looks, the V10 doesn't have a lot going for it.
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