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Hi Folks

I have ordered a scythe mugen 2 and am now wondering if it will fit into an Antec 300 case with the side fan installed.

Appreciate any advice.


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  1. Try to get specific dimensions of the unit itself, especially its height or width. Then you can measure the clearance between your CPU socket and your case side fan.
  2. Should fit, if I remember right the 300's side fan is on the lower part of the case, and your socket is more than likely towards the top. I have an Antec 900 and a Mugen 2, but the way the 900 is set up I can't fit a side fan. I even had to dremel one of the clips for the side fan off.
  3. The 300s side fan is definitely lower than the 900s. It looks like it should fit easily.

    You could also externally mount the side fan if necessary (though thats not cosmetically appealing).
  4. Thanks for the tips guys.

    The Mugen has fit nicely with the side fan installed.

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