Buffalo Hard Drive partitioning does it erase data

If I partition my Buffalo 2TB Hard Drive, will I lose the existing data?
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  1. Partitioning any drive will lose the existing data. It may be possible to recover it with various utilities, but that is not what you want.

    What are you trying to achieve? If you have more than one partition on it, and want to change the sizes of the partitions, there are tools that will do that with a fair degree of reliability, although you should have backups just-in-case.

    If it's for some other reason, let us know exactly what you need to achieve and we can tell you the simplest way to get from here to there.
  2. I am trying to upload video footage to the hard drive, which is why I bought it, to free up space on my iMac G5. I get the dreaded error code-0. Night mare. I have 1Tb free on the drive.
  3. Now I am really confused. Never heard of a dreaded error code zero, and I don't know how the drive will interface with a Mac. If the drive was partitioned as a single 2 GB partition, then partitioning is irrelevant.

    What do you see if you look at the drive attached to a Windows system?

    Unasked-for advice: If that footage is important to you, have two copies. Either copy it to the external drive and don't erase it from the desktop, or have two external drives, or burn extra copies to DVDs. Otherwise, one failure and it is gone for good.
  4. I never worked with Windows I'm afraid but never mind, I got some answers. If you Google Error Code 0 you will see it's fairly common. The fact that I can't now partition the hard drive was all I needed to know. I should have formatted it before originally adding the footage. I already have over 20TB of hard drives with footage doubled up. DVDs wouldn't touch it really at 4.7Gb. I'd be lucky to get 15 mins HD footage.

    Thanks for your time anyway. Appreciate it.

  5. Ahh. My experience is totally Windows. When my baby got a MacBook pro, I told her that I would not support it.

    Then again, it never needed any support. Maybe Apple has something good there?
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