Strange Power on Issue

Today, I was installing a HDD from my old work computer. I got it in there and hooked up. I had to take a memory stick out to slide it into the floppy bay cuz i was outa room in the drive bay. Hooked it all up, put the stick back, and powered up. All the lights and fans come on for about a second or two, then turn off.

I looked into it online. I took my whole computer apart and outa the case. Hooked it all up on a piece of cardboard, with just the motherboard and cpu power attached, shorted the power switch and she came on.

Next, I added the video card and hooked it up to a monitor. It posted and was sitting there cuz I had no harddrive attached.

At this point I thought everything was ok, so I put it all back in the case and still the same damn issue. After swearing at the ceiling for a second, I hit the power button again, holding it a little longer than normal, maybe a second or two. Now it starts right up. It said something about checking the bios because of some error, so i just checked everything, saved and started windows 7. Has been running fine the rest of the day, until I tried to restart. Instead of restarting, it just shut off. Was pulling the same crap again til I held the power down a little longer and it just booted like normal.

It seems to me that all my components are working, which is a good thing, but I have no idea what is causing this issue. Maybe the power button is messed up, I dont know. Anyone heard of this problem before?

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  1. By the way, it didnt post my signature so it should be down there now.
  2. Faulty overloaded power supply?
  3. I dont think so, because I have it up and running as we speak. I just got the power supply new from an RMA about 2 months ago.
  4. Bump, anyone got any ideas?
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