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Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if you guys could help me with a couple of my questions:

1. How can I get my OS on the SSD? Apparently my Samsung SSD will come with Norton Ghost that will let me copy my OS partition onto the SSD but I read somewhere else that may be worse than a fresh install?

Reason I can't just do a fresh install is because I did not get a Win 7 install disk with my laptop, only a recovery one. However, if it is recommended to do a fresh install there is probably a way I could do it.

2. If I choose to go the way of the disk copy, what will happen to my other partitions? I have two partitions on the main disk that will be swapped out (OS, DATA) and two on the other (Programs, Secondary OS). Should I uninstall all my programs before copying over my OS partition?

3. How difficult is it to physically install an SSD in a laptop? (I have an ASUS G51J-A1)

4. Do I need to update my BIOS? I also can't find the AHCI setting.

~ Damian
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  1. A fresh clean install of Microsoft Windows 7 is the preferred method. Cloning software usually works reasonably well but sometimes things can go wrong. It is rare but it can happen.

    An ssd can be partitioned just like a hard disk drive. However, with modern pc's it is not necessary to partition a drive. In fact, I have not partitioned a drive ever since Microsoft Windows had the ability to recognize larger capacity drives. That happened quite a few years ago.

    The actual physical installation of an ssd inside a laptop case is usually not a problem.
  2. even today I am still creating a partiton for windows, programs and drivers and another one for my data (backups, videos, music). when my pc needs a fresh windows installation I can easily format my windows partition without losing my data.
  3. Karl - Typical gamers and enthusiasts use their ssd's for the operating system, software applications, utilities, and a few games. Regularly scheduled backups, data files, photos, movies, music, etc. etc. are usually stored on a hard disk drive.

    I forgot about laptops having only one drive. :(
  4. So how exactly do I go about installing a fresh version of windows with only the Recovery DVD? Or is that all I really need?

    Cause I just tested it and when I put it into my laptop it loads Windows install.
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