New Vizio TV 1080p 5ms 120HZ SLOW HDMI v VGA

Hi everyone. For some reason when I upgraded to a new TV - coming from an 08 model 7ms 60HZ vizio to a brand spanking new 42 inch 1080p 120HZ 5ms response time I got noticable lag by using my HDMI cable when hooked into my GTX 285. I KNOW it's the TV that's the problem because when I hook up the VGA cable it has NO lag at all. As soon as I switch over back to HDMI it reacts slower and I can't play COD mw 2 nearly as well since it becomes laggy. I took off all post processing effects. I tried everything I can think of. VGA doesn't look nearly as good as HDMI, the colors are so dull and the image isn't as sharp. With my old VIZIO I could use the HDMI cable and get amazing performance. Why would it change with a new TV? I also got a different HDMI cable but that shouldn't matter. As long as the connection is made that's all that matters. Please let me know. I've been troubleshooting for hours. I'm about to return the TV and pick another one.
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  1. it might be the cable is defective
  2. It's not the cable. Disable Smooth Motion / Video in the Tv settings.
    It litterally makes extra frames to make it smooth, and induces a small lag. It's very good for video, very bad for gaming and regular pc use (sometimes filenames will show up blurred when scrolling etc... these are artifacts.)

    I got a vizio VF550M and that's what I had to do. Also smoothvideo dosen't always work with all tv inputs the same way. It seems to favor HDMI, and component. VGA not so much, to make things a little more complex, the resolution of your pc also determines wether it will be auto disabled or not.
  3. By the way try this:
    Smooth Video Off
    Backlight control = OPC (DCR is too agressive for pc got bright to dark too often)
    Contrast = 42
    Brightness = 50
    Backlight = 72 to 75
    Sharpness = 4
    Color Temp = Computer

    that's what I found to be best for my pc.
    Then just mess with the backlight setting to make it brighter or darker.

    Not sure if your tv model has PIP/POP, but it's handy to watch tv via HDMI in from your cable/sat box, then vga + audio for your pc to use em both side by side. Personally I run my pc audio directly to a receiver so i can hear both sound sources at once. Essentially play red alert 3 and watch a movie at the same time :)
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