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I just did a fresh install of Win7 64bit and tried pre-loading the sata raid drivers supplies by Gigabyte and the only way they would show is if I unchecked the hide incompatible check box. Even though I have read that you dont need to preinstall these drivers for Win7. Now I have to set my sata settings to IDE in order to boot. I have a Crucial C300 RealSSD plugged into the gsata (6gb/s) port. I have all the current drivers loaded. The other weird thing is that the Intel RST driver that Gigabyte provides returns a hardware not supported message when I try to run it... GA-P55A-UD6

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  1. Just checking the C300 should be running off the GSATA3_6 port, and you need to install the Marvell Console Driver (SATA3).

    First, for now, in the BIOS choose "Load Optimized" Save & Exit. The HDDs / DVD more than likely is causing the issue; your C300 is not running off the Intel chipset, but instead the Marvell GSATA3_6 - GSATA3_7.

    Next, install ALL of the drivers listed -

    Last, tweak the BIOS.
  2. I figured it out. When I loaded Win7 the bios was set to IDE and not AHCI or Raid. This will not preload the Sata controller drivers that are needed for this to work. There is no good way to load them after the fact. I am just going to reload Windows with the BIOS set correctly. It was a fresh load with no data yet so no big deal.

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  4. Thanks for the link. I installed my Crucial C300 RealSSD to the GSata ports because of its 6Gb/s capability. Was that wrong? I also installed my DVD drives to the first 2 ports. I dont plan on installing any other hd on this system as I have a 3TB NAS.

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  6. Sorry, it took time to D/L your manual. Use the GSATA_6 port for the C300 which is the closest to the "bottom" and the board itself, and next to the reset button.

    The DVD's are better in SATA2_2 & SATA2_3, and HDD placed in SATA2_0 & SATA2_1. SATA_0 is the top closest to the CPU and closest to the board itself.
  7. Will do. Thanks.
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