Whetehr my mother board support graphics card

Hi Team,

I have one one IBM intellistation Mpro with P4 processor. Does it support latest garaphics cards; if so please let me know which all will support.

Here is the model and type 6230-34A

Thanks all of u for u r valuable time


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  1. To be honest a P4 system isn't worth any upgrades short of free anymore. The i-series, is replacing the core2 series, the core2 series replaced the Pentium D series, the Pentium D series replaced the Pentium 4 HT series. If you are looking to upgrade the graphics to the "latest graphics cards" it would require a complete system upgrade. An old P4 is pretty much useful for OLD game, and general web surfing and office apps. And even those are getting to be to much for a P4 with all the Broweser updates and such.
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