Amd is best or intel

can u please tell that what is difference between Amd motherboard and intel board and which one is better
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  1. -- AMD motherboards use AMD CPUs, and often, AMD chipsets, for controlling memory and the PCI/PCIe lanes.
    -- Intel boards use Intel CPUs and, often Intel chipsets, for controlling memory and the PCI/PCIe lanes.

    Asking which is better may start a forum battle. I do not want to start such a battle, so, in general, at this time:
    -- Intel usually costs much more than AMD
    -- Currently, the top-end Intel outperforms the top-end AMD-based systems.
    -- So, if you have the money to pay more for that increased performance, you would buy Intel.
    -- If your budget is lower, you buy AMD for much less, and only slightly less performance.
  2. Basically everything treefrog07 said.

    Nowadays the AMD motherboards are only Crossfire compatiable while the Intel motherboards are both SLI and Crossfire compatiable (Why both can't do it Ill never know ;) )
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