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[FIXED] CRYSIS black screen/freeze on startup

When launching game, blackscreen and freeze, non responding

32 Bit Sp3 Windows XP
ATI 4890 -latest drivers
Direct X - latest drivers - 1,2 and 3.5
C++ 2005 redist
Crysis (tried version 1 , 1.2, 1.2.1)

In game DIR found and located "intro" movie file and deleted it,
This took away very first scene but still loaded game intro's and trailer movies.
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  1. had a similar problem, i triend fixing it the illegal way, with cracks.

    fortunately do not need to use disk anymore
  2. I have used no cd .exe's its not illegal as i own the original disk..
    this is very fustrating as I was playing it before i formated and re-installed windows
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    hmm, yeah i had to go through a few nocd's to get the problem solved.
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  5. wow thanks, talk about very little effort to get a best answer!
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