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hi - I have extend with a 12 dbi omni-but my linksys gl only has around 50% qality. would changing the antenna to directional line of site improve things?
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    When you put a directional antenna on a radio transmitter, it does not make it any more powerful - it just re-directs the energy in a certain direction which is more useful to you. Putting this antenna on will increase your strength in one direction at the expense of another, so it will only do you good if you know where you will be in relation to the AP. As a note, omni antennas achieve gain by 'squishing' the signal pattern so you get less power above and below the unit (where it is assumed you won't be) and more to the sides.
  2. tks elel for the clarrification, looks like i will have to boost the signal and somehow sort/ work around the interferance.
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  4. Thank you :)
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