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I've been having some problems with my display over the last week, with the root cause being the graphics card most probably.

My setup is:

e6600 cpu
8gb xm2 corsair dominator ddr2 ram
asus pq5 turbo motherboard
beQuiet 650q PSU
8800GTX graphics card
Vista64 Ultimate

This system has been stable for approximately 4 months since I put it together.

I started having the "nvlddmkm" error about a week ago... so I began a series of "fixes" -all using the Safe Mode, then testing out in normal mode afterwards:

1. Rolled back the nvidia driver. The nvlddmkm error still happened.
2. Uninstalled the driver, restarted PC, restarted it again - then reinstalled the newest driver. Restarted to make sure the new driver was working. I got the nvlddmkm error again.
3. Repeated step 2. Still got the error. On top of this, there is now obvious graphics artefacts - tearing and portions of the screen blink in and out at different resolutions. The desktop also starts to blink in and out, leaving only the background wallpaper.
4. Tried using the vista setup disc to repair any possible issues with the OS. No errors were identified.
5. Unseated the graphics card, checked the connections, removed all dust from the mobo and GPU.
6. On reboot, the nvlddmkm still occurs.
7. Finally, I uninstall the display driver again, use Ccleaner to clean out the registry and give the PC a general clean out. I reboot the PC, with the intention of reinstalling the display driver, and seeing how that goes...

But no video is now being output from the PC to the monitor on boot. I can hear the normal beep as it POSTs, and the harddisc sound as it loads up windows - but there is no video.

I've tried taking out the CMOS battery, leaving it for 15 mins, then replacing it. Then turning it back on again.

No luck.

Any idea what I've done, and what I could try to solve this?

Many thanks
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  1. Also - the monitor normally shows the message "no signal" - which it does at the moment when the PC is switched on.

    However, it loses this message for a split second when I switch the PC on, suggesting that power is getting to the GPU - and then the "no signal" message comes back on.

    I've tested the monitor with a laptop video-out, and its fine.
  2. Googling "nvlddmkm" gives you lots of hits.
  3. I probably should have said that I googled already, and tried to sort things out that way. I'm currently at a stage where the PC presumably POSTs, but no video is output, so I am limited now in what can be done.
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