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Graphic problems

I have had my computer for 3-4 years, and I have used it a lot, and I have never had any problems with it until the past few months. Recently, though, I am getting a lot of problems during gaming. After playing a game for a few hours, I get what I refer to as "texture stretches" where the texture of an in-game item stretches out of the surface it is on. These texture stretches tend to go far as far as I can see from the corner of my screen, are triangular, and disappear if I look away from the source (the object the texture is stretching from). I have also noticed that my graphics card idles at 60-65 degrees Celsius, and hits 80-85 C after a few (2-4) hours gameplay. Very recently, my display driver has started crashing and recovering during gameplay after a few hours. I have never had any of these problems before, what on earth is going on?

Additional information:
The problems occur during any game, regardless of settings, but high end games cause more problems in a shorter time (Left 4 dead 2 is the worst).
I have not overclocked anything in my PC, ever.
My fans are working fine, I even boosted my mounted graphics card fan speed to 45% (default is 31%).
Its in a closed case, not near any heat sources, and the temperature of my graphics card or CPU does not change, regardless of my room being cold or hot.

My specs:
Windows Vista Home Premium, Service pack 2
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core Processor 4600+ 2.40GHz
32 bit
ATI Radeon X1800

I can provide additional information if needed.
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  1. have you considered the fact that your rig is just dying?
  2. Yes. If it was dying, what would need replacing?
  3. I would say your video card is most likely to be dying.

    want any suggestions for a new card?
  4. I have my eye on a ATI Radeon™ HD 5850. Anything I might want to look at? I guess I need a new mouse, mine started playing up just now. I have to click quite hard, or it doesnt work.
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    oooh thats a nice card. your cpu will definetely be bottlenecking it though. youll get far from as much performance out of it as you otherwise would with a heavier cpu. might also want to consider ram upgrading then. (4gb)

    if you dont want to spend a lot of money its rather pointless to get this card, its just too powerful. not to mention youv'e been playing with a rather old card so this is a very big step up.

    id sooner go for a 5650 or 5750, 5770 for your config, all of which will perform very well.
  6. hell, a 4650 would be enough
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  8. I was thinking of getting 4GB of RAM as well, actually. I will probably go with a 5770. Is there anything else I could do to speed my computer up when im playing online games?
  9. well a lot of things actually

    your cpu is still a bit slow for that video card, you might consider upgrading or OC'ing

    also with 4gb ram, consider going to 64 bit so you can use it all.
  10. I might just get a new computer all together :)
  11. if you dont have a problem spending money, then yeah. you could then consider making this old rig a media center, or selling it. (im sure you can get good money for it).

    id try running with the new card and ram, and if you want more performance, take the next step.
  12. So, if I replace my card, it should be fine? Because I would love to keep this computer (it has all my stuff on it), but I would hate to get a new card and then something else fails.
  13. yes you should be fine. no problem

    if you do decide for a rebuild, just put your current HDD in the new rig, and install the new drivers. uninstall the old ones using driver sweeper.

    all good??
  14. Yessir, thanks for the help ^^
  15. your welcome!
  16. Oh, just 1 more question... Where would I get RAM? The 2 RAM cards I have now are DDR2 667 (5) 1GX16 type.
  17. depends on where you live. USA: I would go to

    RAM you could find anywhere anyways, you could go to any computer store and they should have some in stock.

    Good luck, and dont let them rip you off!
  18. you could also just order it along with your video card when you buy it
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