Unsure about this mobo???

The mobo that I have has scratches around the cpu socket.... I can see that it is a little deep and was wondering if there was anything that I can do to repair it and make it last for a while longer????
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  1. This might be from you or someone trying to pry off the HSF with a screwdriver of sorts that slipped... this is not a big deal unless you hit some of the metal circuitry or broke some soldered metal off...
  2. I'd leave it alone. Worst case - If the scratches are "cut too deep" then a circuit might be severed, and it would fail.
  3. Thanks for the reply. The circuit is bare in one place. and I haven't used it yet, but it looks like I wont. So is there any place other then the Philippians that I can send it to get it repaired? Like in the US? That wont cost more then the cost of the board? And are they reputable?
  4. The Manufacturer. Otherwise I cannot in good conscious recommend one over another.
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