Geforce 6800 xt can it output 1080p full hd

Hello, I have a PC with a geforce 6800xt graphics card with the DVi outputs. I have a blu-ray drive installed in my pc. Also, i have a LG lh5000 37inch full hd TV. I have a dvi to HDMI cable to connect my PC to my TV. I seem to get a decent picture when i connect my PC to my TV but the question i wanted to ask was if i played a blu-ray movie on my PC's blu-ray drive, would my graphics card actually be outputting 1080p content to my TV? Or does the 6800 xt not support full hd output? Regards, Shuja
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  1. Dnt triple post >.<
  2. im pretty sure it does support that. just make sure you set the system resolution to 1920 x 1080 and all is done.

    unless of course the blu ray disk does not actually have the 1080p content
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