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I have a V2 Premier V26327 and I want to upgrade the Video Card. I think it is a AGP but I am not sure. Can you tell me what kind to get.
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  1. Please provide more details about the computer; not even Google could direct me to the specs to answer your question!
  2. Sorry I did not see your answer. It is a V2 Premier model V26327 Pentium4 3.06 HT w/533 FSB.
  3. Open up the case and tell us what the motherboard brand and model number are.
  4. The motherboard model #is P4VMM2 it was made I believe by Elitegroup. In checking I realized my video card is in PCI slot not the AGP. When I put the new card in the AGP slot it fits but no signal goes to the monitor. Does this mean that I should use a PCI card.
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    If you are removing the PCI video card then the system should find the AGP card.

    Does the AGP card have an extra power connector on it? If so, then you must connect power to it or it might not even boot up.
  6. The card I got is the VGA JATON 3D FORCE3450-DVI AGP R. There is no mention of an extra power connector in the instructions.
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  8. The card did need a four pin power attachment. It is now working. Thanks a lot.
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