Qx6700 evga 780i help overclock to 3.2

I am completely new to overclocking but have read an insane amount in the past week and can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong...please throw a lowly dog a bone.
My system:
qx6700 (unlocked multiplier) @2.66
4x 2 gb Xms2 corsair ddr2 6400 800mhz
2x gtx280 superclocked running in sli
evga 780i 775 mobo
rocketfish 900w PS
corsair h50 water cooler, stock fan on radiator removed and replaced with 2 coolmaster 1200rpm 120mm fans, one on each side for push/pull,2 more coolmasters and a 180mm side fan (think I'm ok with that for 3.2?)

I've read and adjusted settings for a while now only trying to up my multiplier to 12 making for a 3.2 overclock. I have tried ram linked and unlinked, changing voltage from stock to 1.35v (though most say stock is adequate). Everytime I pass post and windows loads to desktop but BSOD's within 5-10 seconds giving a memory error and then dumps.
I am using windows 7 ultimate and the bios is phoenix.
Also, is it ok to overclock through Dynamic BIOS Access?? (have tried that AND from the regular bios. Thank you so much for any help you can give!
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  1. I should mention I do have a profile saved to up my graphic card fans to 100% when windows loads. But I have a feeling I am not adjusting the ram properly.
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