Need a ATX adapter for MINI ITX board. Need Help, have pic

Just purchased a new HP 5188-5155 for a new mini itx build. Figured I could save some wattage with a Core 2 Duo Mobile. Which I found a 1.6Ghz for $5 so, yeah, good stuffs. One problem I can't plug in my new Pico PSU cuz the ATX port on my motherboard is smaller, 20 pins just smaller. Any one know what this form factor is called so I can get the adapter? I found a pic on google, the pic is about 2MB but here it is

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Found it. Mini 24 ATX adapter
  2. Wow look at all that empty space in your case.
  3. shadymnms said:
    Found it. Mini 24 ATX adapter

    do you know here you found the part?
    I need one too!
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