Memtest shows Anthlon CPU but Phenom installed?

I just put together my first build. It is a Phenom X2 550BE

with 4 GB sticks of OCZ BE DDR3 1600

The system has no OS yet but I am running Memetest. Memtest says I have
Anthlon 64 with 128L L1, 512K L2 and no L3

RAM settings 519MHZ DDR 1038, CAS 1-3-1, DDR1 128 bit.

This concerns ne because the CPU should be a Phenom with
L2 Cache 2 x 512KB
L3 Cache 6MB

and the memory should be DDR3.

Is there a problem and if so how do I address it? I did not bother to check the CPU before I installed it, could it be wrong?
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  1. Install the OS and try again.
  2. As I said, there is no OS installed, not needed. I did install Memtest 4.0 and it shows fine now. Thanks for the reply
  3. The BIOS also show the CPU information.
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