HDD died-Ebuyer says no warranty but Seagate says warranty?!

Hello, I have a Samsung HD103SJ 1TB from Ebuyer.
After 15 months it stopped working but not suddenly, after a fine shut down one night, the next day it wasn't recognized in Bios.
I found out it wouldn't spin in any system so I contacted Ebuyer and they said it was simply wear and tear (after 15 months?!)
They said it was out of its 1 year warranty that Samsung issue so they do 1 year also. So after reading forums I found out the platters could just be stuck so I opened it up to check (being told it was out of warranty)
It was fine so I came to the conclusion the drive wouldn't receive power.
Today I decided to look into it some more and was directed to Seagate (I previously gave up hope because Samsung had no HDD section and Ebuyer did nothing) and found out my warranty runs out in 2014, what can I do? I removed the warranty sticker, any help is appreciated,
Thanks, Dave.
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  1. If you opened the drive (or removed the sticker) your warranty is void. In fact I'm sure it actually says that on the drive somewhere.

    I found Samsung warranty RMA page in 5 seconds on google. You had no reason to even contact Ebuyer considering you bought it from them over a year ago.

    Not sure why you would do something that boneheaded when it's under warranty. Looks like an expensive mistake with where hd prices are right now, good luck.
  2. Isn't this Ebuyer's fault? If they said it was out of warranty when it wasn't.
  3. It is out of warranty with ebuyer, you had no reason to contact them to begin with. You should have contacted Samsung directly.

    The fault is yours, for opening up the drive. Who does that?
  4. But Ebuyer told me Samsung had issued 1 year with my drive?
    Sorry if I'm being irritating.
  5. Nope, its on you. Coulda Googled it in 5 seconds as stated above. Sorry man you are out of a HDD.
  6. Retaillers only provide a "short term" warrantee, Very short term normally (ie 30 Days) then it comes under the manuf warrantee. Most HDDs that is 3 years with some 5 years.

    All you needed to do is look at a retailer and check out new HDDs. So while the ebuyer rep was wrong as to manuf warrantee, he/she may have been stating ebuys's warranttee. it was upto you to verify manufs rma policies.

    Bottom line, sorry charlie, expensive lesson. May contact Segate and explain. but dougt they will honor your claim.
  7. Damn.
    Ebuyer customer support said "Samsung's OEM drives are only warranted for one year by Samsung. Likewise, we only warrant OEM drives for one year too."
    I guess I should just be grateful I purchased the drive when it was on sale for £45
    Thanks anyway.
  8. There is no hd on that planet that only has a 1yr warranty dude. It's always been 3 or 5, and recently seagate and wd lowered the oem drives to 2yr.

    Like I said you can't blame ebuyer for telling you one year, you had no business even contacting ebuyer.
  9. Why would you open up any harddrive to repair it, they are assembeled and tested in a clean room environment ! If the automatic transmission in your car died woud you open it up? I would guess you know very little about either HDD's or transmissions.
  10. Wow. I've never heard of anybody opening up a hard drive to see if the "platters are stuck." I bet whoever told you to do that is laughing their ass off. I certainly would be.
  11. Seagate said they will take my drive because I was wrongly informed and I will get a replacement if they see the problem isn't relating to me opening it.
    Anyone know how I can format the drive because it has lots of personal information on. Thanks.
  12. Yeah...you can't use a drive that doesn't work, so formatting it isn't something that can be done. If the drive is dead, that information is gone unless somebody wants to go to great lengths to recover the porn stash of some guy they've never met and never will.

    Short of mechanically destroying the disk (which I'd wager you've already done), there's nothing you can do to protect your data.
  13. OK, thanks.
  14. Wow, I must say you got very lucky.
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