Motherboards'n'RAM: A Query

Hullo thar fellas.

Sorry if any of these queries are a bit low brow for you but this purchase will commemorate my first personally constructed PC, so please do your part as enthusiasts and prevent me from destroying any of this beloved tech.

I've done most of my homework on this one, but I'd like to know if I'm making any mistakes (glaring or subtle) regarding these parts:

Power Supplah

Regarding the motherboard, I am indecisive:

EVGA Mothraboard
Asus Mothraboard

I would mostly like to know what the practical difference between the memory standards of these two boards is for 1600mhz RAM, one being apparently default and the other requiring overclocking? Also any feedback on the features/layout of the boards would be much appreciated.

And regarding the video card, I'm awaiting Fermi -_-
...unless one of you can provide an incredibly eloquent argument for why I should get an ATI 5870/5970, or definitive evidence that 200 gtx will be able to step up to 400 series.

Oh, and if these "rate my pc" threads are the loathsome bane of your forum browsing experience, I apologize and promise to lash myself repeatedly.

Thanks community!
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  1. ^ You have chosen the components well but I would suggest this mobo over those...
    ASUS P6X58D Premium LGA 1366 - USB 3.0 & SATA 6GB/s

    And if you are sure going for the Fermi, and plan to do SLI, the I would certainly suggest a slightly bigger PSU to have some headroom as Fermi most probably would be a very power hungry card...
    Corsair 850TX

    RAM - Will you be overclocking very high(4GHz and above) ?
    If Yes, then only stick with the Dominators...
    If NO, then even these RAM would be good...
    Corsair XMs - At stock speeds these will be as good as the Dominators and also have some overclock headroom...
    If you want tighter timings,
    Corsair with CAS 7

    And forums are here to get people there is no question of people getting bothered by "rate my PC" threads...
  2. Duly noted on the PSU. But would 750W most likely be ample for a single GF100 card?

    If you don't mind spelling it out, what's the benefit of that mobo you suggested?

    And I figured I would probably overclock the Dominators once I got one or two of the Fermi cards going. I don't know though. I'll base this decision on the bottom line.
  3. ^ Ohh for a single Fermi, even the Corsair 550W would suffice...So that 750TX has plenty of power...Actually even the 750TX can handle 2 Fermi cards(Assuming the cards have stay in the TDP limit of the PCIe slots)...but I had suggested the 850W on the safer side...

    And as for the mobo, it a replacement to the P6TD, so it will have all the features of P6TD as well as some improvements - Next gen USB 3.0 and SATA 6GB/s support...
  4. Oh, sveetness. Well then the time of purchasing is upon me. Thanks man.
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