No manufacturer named cards in benchmark charts?


There are some graphic card names which do not have a manufacturer name in the benchmark charts. What do those cards belong to?? And besides, they generally have a higher rate value according to the same model card which have a manufacturer name. What is the explanation ???
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  1. You will have to be an order of magnitude more specific...
  2. Many times benchmarks do not show a manufacturer because the majority of the cards are reference cards. They simply have different stickers and every now and then different cooling. Got to remember most names you have come to know are resellers. Some make custom cards and that is usually reflected in the price.
  3. ok... i think i could not manage to tell my question because of my bad english.

    I was only asking for the benchmark charts of this website. Not other benchmark charts.

    I know that those manufacturers are only the resellers of graphic chipsets. But still it was confusing to see them both with no reseller name and with a reseller name on the same benchmark chart. ıt could not be something about hiding the reseller names.

    But i guess i now understand the point.
    Most of those high rated cards are results of custom end-user based jobs.. like making a custom Crossfire or custom SLI of two cards, not something that manufacturers present. So there was no reason to show their manufacturer information. And the other nameless cards, which are not custom jobs, at the middle rates are mostly have the same rate values with their reseller versions. If it doesn't have the same rate value, there are some little specification differences like memory values..

    Am i wrong ??
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