Anyone who makes opaque tubing in blue?

I've been looking for blue tubing on and what I want is a solid blue tubing that is not transparent. The best I can find is Feser UV blue or PrimoChill LRT UV blue but both of them are slightly transparent; does anyone else have any brand suggestions?

I'd like it to be available in 1/2" ID, 3/4" OD for aesthetic reasons.

Thanks for any answers in advance!
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    nope they come in black,white, uv blue which is purple in UV and all the other colors are UV treated so you can expect them to look funky under UV cathode.
  2. My Primochill LRT blue is supposedly semi-transparent, but I certainly can't see through it at all. It's pretty dark stuff.
  3. hey rubix - have you seen any plasticizer build up in any part of your tube?
  4. Can't see through the tubing and haven't pulled it apart yet. I'm sure there is some hazing, but I don't know how extensive. I don't think I've ever had tubing that didn't cloud up.
  5. / hmmm, was reading through that plasticizer thread and one guy with a raystorm had tarnishing on his block that didn't go away with the usual routine. (lemon juice+vinegar+toothbrush)
  6. That doesn't sound like plasticizer, it sounds like something totally different. I've always noticed cloudiness on my tubing, but I've never seen anything on or in my blocks (ever). I think there has to be other factors in play in these instances, which makes the argument that 'blame plasticizers' is the real issue. I'm also not going to say they don't cause it to some degree, but I've never witnessed it personally...and I've been doing this a long time, with a lot of drains, tear-downs and refills under my belt.
  7. oh yeah finally found this thread,

    here's that damaged block I was speaking of

    scroll a lil to the next post, cleaned up block still shows signs of damage.
  8. Could be plasticizer, but looks more like tarnish/oxidation from flux or other metals. It's difficult to say, but I'm not going to discredit the claim or argue against it. But no...I haven't seen anything like that on my blocks except the ones that have been sitting in boxes up in my attic for a few years.
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