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Seeking water cooling advice for high-end build

Hello all, I'm new to the water cooling business so forgive me if I sound like an idiot; it's not intended. Without further ado, I'll start getting to the point.

I'm looking to water cool three components of my build: the motherboard, the processor and the graphics card.
For my motherboard, I have chosen an ASUS Maximus V FORMULA which already has a water block installed.
For my processor, the Intel Core i7-3770K is my decision.
And last but certainly not least, I have selected a GeForce GTX 690 as my graphics card, which I plan to equip with an XSPC Razor water block.
I should also mention that I will be using a COOLER MASTER HAF X case.

Now, I'm trying to decide what would be the best choice in terms of my water cooling loop components.
I've heard great things about the Swiftech MCP355 pump, would this be adequate?
When it comes to radiators, I'm almost clueless; but I have done a little research and the Hardware Labs GTX 360 has peaked my curiosity. Could this radiator provide a sufficient amount of cooling for my build?
I'm not planning on overclocking anything at all, I just want to prolong the life of my PC as much as possible. I also don't mind a little noise, it's the least of my concerns.

I would also very much appreciate and am open to all suggestions for reservoirs, CPU water blocks, tubing and the likes. I also apologize if I've missed any important details, I won't hesitate to answer questions.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. That rad paired with some delta fans 3000RPM+ could do some serious cooling, but understand that this is going to be loud I have had a similar setup.
    With that said I also can not suggest the rout that I have taken either, I want my system quite so I use more rads with slower fans.
    I like 3/8 ID 5/8 OD chemical resistant tubing with compression fittings to match but this can get expensive depending on how you want your fittings.
    So if you have any other questions or something you want to know just ask ok.
  2. a lil late chiming in this thread :) sorry

    @ OP - couple of questions for ya!
    1| have you bought the case?
    2| what has sparked that inquisition into those hardware labs GTX rads?
    3| have you taken a look at the watercooling sticky - located in my sig. Should help you work out 85% of what you'll need. The rest 15% can be fine tuned by us :)
  3. Thanks for the replies so far guys. To answer your questions lutfij:

    1. Nope, I haven't bought any of the items for this PC yet, still a lot of contemplating to do.

    2. I've read many good things about them while searching through other forums and buyer reviews.

    3. I'm currently reading it now, very informative.
  4. I have a few shout outs for case recommendation
    1| NZXT Switch
    2| Bitfenix Shinobi XL
    3| Corsair 800D
    4| Corsair Carbide 500R

    ^ to name a few :)
  5. Is there anything wrong with the HAF X? Those are all great cases but for some reason the HAF X draws my attention more than the others.

    Also, would the Swiftech Maelstrom With MCP35X Pump be a good choice to cover the reservoir and the pump?
  6. well its upto you really, getting a drive bay res/pump module is a real PIT when it comes to filling/refilling and priming the system up.

    case wise - need to do more digging, as you'll need to think of how you're going to mount the radiator? how much rad will you really need - thus my question of why you chose the hardware labs GTX?

    you have to ascertain a budget for this project for your cooling needs alone.
  7. I understand now that the HAF X would not be suitable if I wanted a triple radiator, though it's got a lot of other features that would be convenient to me.

    Are you implying that the GTX 360 would be overkill for my intentions? I've read into that sticky but still feel the advice of somebody with experience is more reliable.

    Budget is not a huge concern (though I'll have to draw the line somewhere) so feel free to suggest anything. Your advice is greatly appreciated.
  8. when it comes to cases the bigger the better here are a couple of my faves for cases and the one I am buying here in the next couple of months for tower cases this is the best I could find but still big enough for all of the components and room to grow
    I like cube cases and have always wanted one now I can afford to buy one and this is the model that I have chosen for my next build
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    In all honesty, I learnt all I'm speaking from the sticky itself. Written with a lot of dedication by our resident watercooler vet - Rubix - ofc there are other vets who have contributed. Toolmaker is another one of those people with years of experience! SO you can understand that the sticky has been compiled/written and posted by a person who has experience under, above and around his belt.

    read the sticky a few times - it'll have an audible click in your head after a few read through's.

    1| about rads - fin spacing is what helps rads dissipate heat. IF you get high FPI rads, it'll mean you'll need noisier fans to keep heat within a threshold/limit. Low FPI rads mean slower fans and thus closer to a quieter system. (I didn't use silent in that sentence!)
    2| Experience is obviously good, but If you're going to buy parts prescribed by a stranger sitting on a screen far-far away , doesn't seem like a good thing. Especially if you'll be the one maintaining/filling/setting it. I surely don't expect you to call me up and get the parts looked at via a skype conversation :D thas why I'm helping you find out what there is to learn.
    3| good thing of your above specs is that you won't need to dig for a block for your GPU+mobo. However the stock block on the mobo would yield lower you can cross them out of your "confused" list.
    4| If this were the system builders section - I'd have made a list for you to purchase right now, but it won't help you feel attached to the build process. Similarly if you ask/pay a guy to make a sand castle at the beach - it takes all the fun out of making one!

    capiche mate ? :)

    tell you what?
    tip: have newegg open and look at the cases they have in store (in one tab) and have another tab with Google on it. Search the newly found case w/ watercooling in the search title.

    e.g: "Case"+watercooling. will pop up some interesting results and inspirations.

    * hope these help!
  10. You're definitely right, it's beneficial to learn on your own for future reference and I'm starting to comprehend more and more. I guess what I'm trying to say is I enjoy hearing other people's input; not so they can pick and choose my components for me, but so I know if I'm on the right path. Since it's my first time creating a water cooling loop as well as my first time building a PC (and a relatively expensive one at that) I want to be sure I get it right the first time; and though I might have some confidence in my own knowledge of the situation, I find it reassuring to receive the opinions of the people who have had much success in such processes.

    Nevertheless I thank you both for your insight. Your help is very much appreciated. I'll do my research, formulate my prospectus and then seek consultation to ensure all is in order. Cheers!
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