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So I just ordered a blu ray player for my computer so I can watch blue ray on my 42inch LCD through the computer.

TV is a 42 inch LCD 1080p and runs at 1900x whatever for resolution

Question about this.

So right now I have my computer connected to the tv through a regular VGA cable
To get the best quality (actual blue ray quality) how should I have this hooked up?

My video card is hdcp along with tv…… is leaving it connected through VGA going to give me HD quality or would I need to get a dvi to hdmi adapter and run a hdmi cable from video card to tv.

not up to date on all this high definition sheeootttt....

thx in advance
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  1. hdmi cable for high definition glory... if ur card doesn't have a hdmi port but has a dvi port use the converter and route the hdmi cable to the tv... vga is not recommended for full hd glory
  2. Cool.... Thanks thats what i thought but wanted to make sure
  3. You need a DVI or HDMI connection and your hardware needs an HDCP key for the stupid copy protection included in Blu Ray.
  4. cool ya my vid card (8800gt) is and so is my tv

    vid card has 2 dvi outputs and svideo

    ill just get a dvi-hdmi adapter and use a hdmi cable
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