Upgrade E6550 to Q9550S

I have Dell Optiplex 755 with Core 2 Duo E6550 CPU - 1333MHz, LGA 775. Can I upgrade the CPU into Core 2 Quad Q9550S - 1333MHz, LGA 775? The specs and comparison of the two CPU is here: http://ark.intel.com/Compare.aspx?ids=40815,30783,
According to the Dell documentation the motherboard supports Core 2 Quad , 1066 MHz CPU. (http://www.gesi.net/pdf/Dell_Optiplex755.pdf)
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  1. I have found the answer and this thread can now be closed.
  2. Yes, it should work, just make sure you get the latest bios revision from Dell.

    Generally, its best not to post OEM specific questions here... most people will try to sell you on a motherboard swap with a change to an AMD CPU.

    That being said are you sure you want to upgrade with a $350 CPU? If you have a tower, really consider moving to an 1156 or AM3 solution.
  3. Thanks for the reply and suggestion dude.
  4. You can delete the thread yourself if you click edit this message and then check delete and submit.
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