Hi guys, I'm having a few problems with an old pc i have, whenever i start it it get thick red vertical lines in groups of 4 on the screen, and within those there are random letters. i cant see any of the bios screen or windows start up logo etc. the computer is running off on board graphics. The specs are listed below (Is old Dell Optiplex Computer):

OS: Windows XP
CPU: intel pentium 4 (Exact model not known)
RAM: 2x 2GB crucial Value DDR2 Memory
Graphics: On Board
PSU: Dell 350W
Motherboard: Built in Dell Optiplex Custom Board
DVD: Generic DVD RW
Hard Drive: 230GB 7200RPM SATA Maxtor Drive (Formatted)

Any help Would Be appreciated. Thanks in advance. BTW I would post image but dont know how.
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  1. Onboard video failure or memory failure just to name two.
  2. ex_bubblehead said:
    Onboard video failure or memory failure just to name two.

    will adding a cheap graphics card such as the 5450 resolve this? as ive tried both resetting the ram by removing and re-inserting and also tried different sticks, still no luck. if i can't put in another graphics card, will a mb replacement fix this?
  3. Installing a graphics card would be the only way to eliminate the onboard video as the problem. Motherboard would be next, though if it's that old it would be better to scrap it and build or buy a new one.
  4. thanks, ill probably try an old graphics card in it first to identify the problem then fix it, thanks again for the advice.
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