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Hello, my p.c. kept crashing. i took out the graphics card (nvidia) and now there is no output from my p.c. at all even after i put the graphics card back in. what could be wrong with it?
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  1. Unplug the power
    remove video card memory and cmos battery
    reseat video card memory and cmos battery after a few minutes

    see if it will post

    if not fried mobo or vid card
  2. thank you very much, but im not too well informed about computers. how would i take out the cmos battery?
    the p.c. doesnt even beep when i turn it on, though i can hear the fan buzzing
  3. The cmos batter is directly on the mother board it looks like a really big watch battery basically. You should be able to get a real small screwdriver and pop it out its only help in by a clip
  4. Here's a checklist for troubleshooting boot problems:

    I would guess you're having RAM issues if the system was crashing before. What are your complete system specs?
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