New PC Build-850/900 USD for budget.

Building a New PC up, and i'm going to have 850 bucks to spend on hardware.

Approximate Purchase Date: End of this week/beginning of next

Budget Range: $850-900, including shipping.

Usage: Gaming (1280x1024), Internet Usage, Audio Editing, Occasional Photo/Video Editing. Needs to have enough storage for the large collection of videos that i've accumulated.

Parts Not Required: OS, Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard. Only need the Tower.


Parts Preference: AMD for budget reasons, and i prefer to have my Video Card match my chipset for obvious reasons

Overclocking: not particularly important.

SLI or Crossfire: eventually. i'll need a board to support it.

Currently, i'm using the following.
AMD X2 7750+
4GB DDR2-1066 OCZ Reaper.
HAF 932 Case
Mushkin 550 Watt PSU
2x8800 GTs 512MB
2x500 GB HDD
1x250 GB
Biostar TForce 750i SLI board.

I'm much more concerned with staying at or below 850 dollars, so that i can put the spare money towards saving for a second video card, or a second batch of memory.

Size is an issue, so Full Tower cases are a no go for me anymore. Also, i prefer cases with a bottom mounted power supply if possible.

Here's my current build.

Case-Lian Li LAN Cool PC-K62-$99.99

Motherboard-MSI AMD 770 Crossfire capable ATX board-$79.99
(This is a part that i'm strongly considering upgrading)

Processor-AMD Athlon II x4 620-$95.99

Memory-4GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1600-$99.99

Power Supply-Antec Earthwatts 750 Watt Modular PSU-$109.99
(While i will certainly agree that this is far more power than necessary for the current build, consider that i will be adding a second video card as soon as i can afford it.)

Video Card-Sapphire 4860 1GB 256-Bit GDDR5-129.99
(I am VERY concerned with this selection as of right now, but the 5 series cards do not justify their costs in this price range compared to the 4 series. Any other suggestions in the 100-140 price range would be very appreciated.)

HDD1_OS-Samsung F3 500GB-$54.99

HDD2_STOR-Samsung F3 1TB-$89.99

Optical Drive-Sony Optiarc DVDRW-$24.99
(This isn't much of a concern for me, just need one in there, lol)

The Total cost for this current build is $807.08

to be on the safe side, assume that there is up to $35 more that can be spent if the extra cost is justified.
I wish i could build an Intel Quad Core Machine with the 1156 platform, but i can't seem to make it work out with the budget. If i'm missing something, please let me know.

any feedback or suggestions made on this build would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for assistance.
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  1. The case & psu alone set you back $200. You should seriously rethinking your priority. It's gaming, no? It's def. not getting the best looking pc. That $200 can be used to upgrade the GPU to HD 5850. The Mushkin 550 you have can power the new GPU and then some.

    And what's wrong with HAF 932 Case you have?
  2. You do realize that you're not linking to the actual parts right?

    I'm with p55, but I think he missed the resolution.

    At 1280x, any GPU over $50 would be good for gaming. I'd recommend finding some room in the budget for a new monitor.

    I don't really think you need an extra HDD just for the OS. Save the $50 and get just the 1 TB F3. It won't make any difference in performance.

    Switch the GPU for an HD 5770. While the 5xxx series is just slightly underpowered (only those under the 5850) compared to similiarly priced older cards, they are more future proof with DX 11 and better performance in Crossfire.

    Assuming you keep the HAF, optical and PSU (which you should), spend some extra on a new monitor.
  3. i apologize for not mentioning it, but the previous system mentioned has been sold. no parts will be available from it.

    appearance is a big deal, as i work at a PC repair facility/gaming center, and frequently bring my computer to work with me. also, i've sold 3 of these cases to customers, and every time, i've been awestruck at how beautiful the case was.

    a new monitor is being planned, but with the tight budget i have, i'll need to collect a paycheck or two before that can happen.

    the extra HDD is a definite need due to my frequent reinstalls, and having 650 GB of videos and documents backed up already.

    the 5770 just seems so underwhelming to me. DX11 is useless, and i can see it being like DX10, and only having a few games really take advantage of it.

    and i'm going to attempt to fix the links, thanks for the heads up.

    EDIT-swapping out the 4860 for the 5770 bumped it to 842.08. that'd be the only upgrade i could pull off, as of right now.
  4. I second P55Ibexpeak. If your focus is on gaming, case is less important.

    Also the 5770 is a great little card. It's about the same performance as a 4870 but uses less power and runs cooler. DX11 is useless now, but all indications are that it will be the next popular developer platform as it's a lot easier to code for than DX10. Plus, the 4800 series is nearing it's end of production cycle, the 5770 lets you be certain that if you need a second card a year from now you can get one. Unless you plan to play games at max settings and AA at 1900 x 1200, this card is great.
  5. i'm going to go ahead with the 5770, the power savings will be something i can use to justify it in my own head, lol.

    case isn't a massive priority, but i do want a bottom mounted PSU, and the Lian-Li case is subtle and attractive, with a side window. to me, that's worth the expense.
  6. What about the Coolermaster 690? It's bottom mounted, looks pretty good and is $30 cheaper.

    A different PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W for $60 after rebate. Good quality and much cheaper.
  7. the power supply will be something i definitely go for, thanks for the good find.
  8. If I were you I would try to go with a phenom II 955 though..
  9. @xvtsx: Not for a gaming build. OP needs to use the majority of the budget for the GPU. Gaming isn't CPU intensive, so dropping the GPU down to afford the X4 955 doesn't make any sense.
  10. I second MadAdmiral's choice of case. I have a CM 690 and it's pretty, has a ton of features, is roomy, bottom loads and has massive airflow. I really love that thing.
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