Hello, explain how to repair from recovery console. the system is working normally before it started complain DISK BOOT FAILURE. if you have other tips to repair it help.
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  1. 1. Insert your OS Installer Media on the DVD or CD Drive ( same OS as in the Hard disk ).
    2. Restart the system and press F11 to enter Boot Drive selection.
    3. After the OS installer loads, it will prompt you if you want to install or repair. Choose repair.
    Just follow the instructions that follows.

    Hope this helps.
  2. It may not be software repairable, run some diagnostics to determine the drives status... If it's a Dell computer, tap the F12 key on start-up and choose System Diagnostics when prompted. Otherwise you'll need to download and run diagnostic software from the drive manufacturer, or download and run UBCD, Ultimate Boot CD. Yes, you'll have to use another computer to get the software, and you'll have to open the case to determine the drive manufacturer.
  3. All the suggestion did not help. i have try all, the computer did not work. after i inserted the disk and i select CD as the first boot. after th computer reboot and get to the stage of press enter to install window XP. after i selected the enter key the computer complain of No hard disk.
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