Whic PSU is better?

So I am looking to buy a PSU and was wondering the 750W one has 4-pin power connecters and 8-pin power connecters. While the 650W has x8 peripheral power connecters. I was wondering if peripheral and 4-pin/8-pin are the same. Now forgetting that which one is better buy?
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    No, a four-pin/eight-pin power connector is for the CPU, while the 8x peripheral power connectors simply means there are eight peripheral connectors. Peripheral connectors are molex connectors which can be used for fans, fan controllers and case lighting.

    The Corsair TX650W will be a better buy - Corsair is known for their quality, and you could just get the TX750W if you need that much power, or more graphic card connectors. The HX650W would be best if you need four PCI-e 6+2 pin connectors, and want a modular PSU.

    However, here's a quick breakdown of the cables generally attached to a normal PSU, some handy information:

    - 1x 24-pin or 20+4-pin motherboard connector, which as you can guess connects to the motherboard - the 20+4-pin simply means it is compatible with older motherboards which only need the 20-pin plug.
    - 1x four/eight-pin power connector which is used to supply power to the CPU, eight pin is generally more common on higher-end motherboards/power-hungry CPU motherboards.
    - 'x' x SATA cables, which are connected to SATA devices.
    - 'x' x peripheral cables, which are molex plugs and can be converted into PCI-e connectors.
    - 'x' x PCI-e connectors, which are power cables for your graphics cards. Some cards don't use these, some cards use one, some cards use two, and I know one which uses three. There are three different types of cables, 6-pin, 6+2-pin and 8 pin. The 6-pin is the most common, and most graphic cards use this, it supplies up to 75W of power IIRC, while the 6+2-pin and 8 pin supply up to 150W. The difference between the 6+2 and 8-pin is that the 6+2 works both as a 6-pin and 8-pin connector, while the 8-pin is fixed, and can only be used in 8-pin sockets.

    Some other info:

    -Modular means that some or all cables can be attached/removed, which help a lot in terms of cable management, and can provide a better airflow in the case.

    -80+ certified means that the PSU has been certified for >80% efficiency between 20% - 100% use.
  2. hefox said:

    HAHAH thats the one i just bought before i saw your comment!

    Lmeow what do you think of the PSU hefox recommended?
  3. It's good. :)
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