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Thanks to mfarrukh and saaiello, I got myself a great AMD Phenom System. While am waiting for the delivery, I'd like to get suggestions for a budget AMD system. I'd prefer an Athlon over a Sempron with an on-board graphics card. This one will be used for web browsing and picture management. No ripping or encoding will be going on here. No gaming too. No overclocking. And no future additions or upgrades. So please suggest a suitable power supply with wattage to meet the requirements of the suggested system with a little leeway just incase all components are running at max output.
Suggestions for the below will be much appreciated:

1. CPU
2. Compatible Mobo with onboard graphics and audio
3. Compatible RAM
4. Case/PSU combo or seperate
5. 17"-19" Widescreen LCD

Thanks in advance to all of you.

P.S. I'm in Australia and my buying choice is www.techbuy.com.au or www.megabuy.com.au
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  1. Thanks mate... What about the motherboard? Am thinking of getting an AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.8 GHZ. The specs state it is a AM3/AM2+/AM2 65W. Does it mean, it can work on a AM2+ mobo and DDR2 RAM?
  2. This is a nice case/PSU combo that has one of the PSUs listed above. I've been eyeing this one myself here in the states.


    Antec cases and PSUs are at the top of my list always.

    Check out the manufacturer's website to find RAM compatible with the mobo you choose. Then just look at the prices and see what people who have bought the RAM think.
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