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I am building my computer and looking for a graphic card(s). They would have to be able to power four screens indepentantly. The screens will only be used for documents, surfing the web, emailing, whatching films and a small amount of casual gaming. Please my you list the best graphic cards for this purpose. They can be two indepentant graphic cards or run in sli/xf. Thank you very much
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  1. You will need 2 cards to run 4 monitors and you will NOT want to run them in sli/crossfire as then they will only be able to handle 2 monitors. If you do some gaming you should get one gaming card and a cheaper card like the HD4350 to run the other 2 monitors. What the main card should be depends on the resolution of the monitor you plan on gaming on is and your budget.
  2. So would a HD 4890 and a HD 4350 do a good job at running the 4 monitors
  3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150448

    you can buy two of these and power 4 monitors through DVI
  4. For casual gaming, a high-end card is not needed. I'd feel a lot better about the value if the price were a little lower, but a pair of HD5670 cards (running independently as jyjjy pointed out) would probably be a very good choice. They consume very little power, have the new feature set that applies to sound over HDMI (sorry, I'm not really up on the details), can handle casual games just fine and even 3D games on lower settings. Being identical cards, you would also have the option to use Crossfire temporarily to play a more demanding game.
  5. Two HD5670s in crossfire perform about the same as a single HD5770 so an HD5770 plus HD4350 would be a better choice. They would be slightly cheaper and he wouldn't have to deal with turning on/off crossfire or the occasional crossfire scaling/compatibility issues. Plus the other 3 monitors would actually all work while gaming rather than just one.
    Same applies with the HD4890/HD4350 combo he is asking about.
  6. The HD 5750, it's the best for the future moreover she doesn't consumes and very noisy, she will be able to run any game with standard resolution 1680*1050, and built for high definition movies
  7. Yeah, we still need to know what the resolution of the monitor you will be gaming on is.
  8. the monito i will be gaming on will be 1920 x 1080.
  9. Yeah, for that resolution you will want an HD5770 or better. Personally, I would choose it over an HD4890 at today's prices, especially if you consider yourself a casual gamer. The HD4890 is approximately 15% more powerful while the HD5770 is DX11 compatible, MUCH more power efficient/cool, if one of your monitors is has a display port connection it can actually use 3 monitors and it costs $40+ less.
    Or more actually. This is a 512mb version of the card which does matter some at your resolution but not that much. For $130 it's a fantastic deal;
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