[Solved] Change read only attribute on DVD/CD

I have a write protected CD and I am not allowed to either delete the files on the CD or re-format the CD to prepare it to burn more files on it or do a data transfer and drag a folder onto the CD. How do I add a new folder to the write protected CD or delete all of the files on the write protected CD and then send my folder to the CD? I also want to format the CD before putting the new folder on it and rename the CD :hello: "Black Agenda"?
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  1. First of all you need a "CD-RW" disc to do this. You can't erase and burn a standard CD-ROM disc nor a CD-R disk once it's been finalized.

    Secondly, you need to initialize the entire disc, you can't just mark a single file or folder as read/write. Once a disc has been burned and finalized, the only way to change it is to initialize it so that it's effectively a brand new disk with no content. You typically do that through a CD burning program such as Nero.
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