Need help with new system build

just need to know that all of these parts fit/work together and if there are any better/cheaper alternatives. this pc to be used primarily for gaming, such as games like wow, hon, crisis.

HDD - Western Digital Green 500GB WD5000AADS, $69
MB - G-B P55-UD3, $128
PSU - Scythe Kamariki 4 650W PSU, $99
RAM - 4G Kit DDR3 1600 G.Skill-Ripjaws, $140
Case - NZXT Hades Mid Tower Case, $139
CPU – Core i5-750, $229
DVD Drive - ASUS DRW-22B2ST DVDRW Black, $39
Cooling - Thermaltake Turbo Fan 140mm, $17
GPU – PowerColor Radeon HD5770 1GB DVI/HDMI, $185
Total - $1044

Also is it worth buying a new HD5770 1GB or just reusing a 9800GT, will they deliver the same performance?
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    Where are you shopping?

    HDD: the samsung Spinpoint f3 500gb should be around that same price (I'm guessing this is $CAD? Much better performance than the cav greens and even the cav blacks in some categories.

    PSU: please link in some info on this. Scythe is said to use Topower as their OEM and they aren't one of the better ones out there.

    Ram: Seems high depending on where your from. Anything more Cas 7 1333 won't provide any better performance, so don't pay for more than that. If you do get 1600, cas 8 or 9 can be lowered to 1333 and tighten the cas down to 8 or 7 (lower is better)

    Case: Get something you like the look of. The Hades reviewed well

    CPU i5 750 is best bang for buck CPU out right now, good choice

    DVD - seems expensive for US, but I don't think you're ordering from the states.

    Even though there's a spot for another fan on the top, I very much doubt you'll be running into any cooling problems with the included fans. Save the money and leave that top slot open.

    The GPU question can't be answered without knowing what resolution monitor you have and if you plan to upgrade. If you're on a 1280x1024 monitor, I'd save the money. If you're on 1680x1050 or larger, you'll get some performance out of a 5770, but since you have a GPU now, might be worth waiting till Nvidia comes out with Fermi and see if ATI counters with some price drops. Maybe the 5850 will come into budget in 6 months or something. Only time will tell on that one.
  2. thanks for the input, i will be ordering from australia, shopping from and www,, they are the cheapest prices i can basically find in the state. my monitor resolution atm is 1440x900 though could possibly be running a 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz. 1600 ram is only $5 more then the 1333 so thats a no brainer. Could also get APEVIA 600W Dark Side Power Supply for $95, is this a quality brand/product, and is it enough juice for what the PC needs?
  3. Sorry, this got lost in the shuffle, where are you at with your build?
  4. wont be buying it for a few months, have already got an idea of what im getting. thanks for asking.
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