Mini tower graphics card upgrade

I have an e-machines model EL1331G mini tower. The PSU sticker reads:
Rating: 100-127/220-240 Vac, 6/3A 60/50Hz
it has an AMD Athlon 2850e processor, Nvidia Geforce 6150SE integrated chipset,
and currently only 2 GB DDR2 Ram.
I would please like to know what options I have for upgrading the performance for
online gaming such as WoW and DDO. Thank you.
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  1. a Geforce 6xxx is your best bet any more and that processor will severely bottleneck your gfx card
  2. The processor certainly isn't good at all but saying it can't handle anything better than 5 year old cards is a bit much. The question is whether your motherboard has an AGP or PCIe x16 slot. You need to figure that out.
    An HD4650 would probably be a decent choice either way.
  3. really? wouldn't that be badly throttled?
  4. It will be throttled in cpu intensive games but not enough in general to go for a cheaper card when the HD4650 is so cheap already.
  5. oh ok
  6. thank you both very much
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