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I have decided to reinstall my Umax Astra 600s scanner after a few years that i haven't used it. Anyways, right now i run Windows xp on a pentium III 450mhz , 384 mb sdram , 40 G.b western digital, Intel Seabx440-2 mobo.
I connected the scsi card to the mobo and cable to both ends(scanner and card) and installed the Umax driver and software which comes on the cd called vistascan. Windows Xp has informed me that it discovered new hardware and in the hardware manager i see my Scsi card working properly without conflicts ! and the scanner light comes on but when i try doing a Scanner test so vista scan recognizes the scanner it says it can't recognize, it can't find the scanner.
The program says there are two reasons for it :
1. The scanner isn't on ( which it was)
2. The scanner was on when i rebooted.

I tried doing both of the "items" above but nothing helped it never recognized the scanner itself...i updated the vistascan to an xp version but it didnt help..this is where i turn to you plz HELP!!!

Thank u
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  1. First, don't use the VistaScan drivers. Just use the XP drivers. Second, don't use the Umax SCSI Card. Get one that's XP compatible. I have a Umax 610S and it wouldn't work at all. I ditched the Umax card for an Adaptec 2906 (ebay - $20) and I deleted the Vistascan drivers. It works most of the time. I still have to go to Control Panel - Device Manager every once in a while to get XP to admit it's there. The problem I have now is that XP will recognize it one time but the next time I try to scan it says there's a problem with the scanner. No solution yet. Look at UMAX's British web site instead of the US site. It has better support.

    I know enuff to be dangerous. :tongue:
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