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So i just reinstalled the OS on my laptop and my home desktop has windows 7 as well so im thinking getting the laptop to print shouldnt be that hard right ?!


For some reason when ever i join the homegroup with the laptop it tells me that i should install the printer through the homegroup so i can use it from the laptop but when ever i click NOTHING happenes not even an error just clicks in and thats it !

please help ! i need that laptop for work !

thanks again
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  1. Did you share the printer?
  2. Yesh i did ! and when the other PC tells me that i should install it but when i do it doesnt do anything exept click in lol
  3. So don't install the printer through the home group.... set it up like you would on any other Vista or XP workstation. Install locally and then manually share on the network. That's really all you're doing through the homegroup, except that more steps are hidden from the user, or done automatically.
  4. problem is that when i try to accesses other pc on the LAN it just freezes and tells me that windows cant open it
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