EVGA P55 SLI MoBo, 2x MSI Cyclone 460 in SLI?

I have heard that this particular Motherboard sits the x8/x8 PCIe slots relatively close to one another, and that if I were to SLI 460s on this board I may need to opt for reference cards with no cooler modifications.

Any experience with this board? Could I use, for example, MSI's 1GB Cyclone GTX 460 cards? They have a relatively large fan added.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    I build off EVGA exclusively for all my SLI rigs, and the PCIe slots aren't any different than other MOBO's standard spread. Keep in mind the GPU itself stripped (w/o coolers) is ~ 1/4" wide, and the cooling is Front->Rear. The non-reference + SLI GPU can still pull the air fine.

    However, I must note - the non-reference do a better job cooling the GPU but they also do a nice job heating the case so add a/an large top venting fan(s).

    Hope that helps.
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  3. Thanks, after further evaluation- I think I will hold off for the EVGA 460 anyways, as the current MSI 460 is offered with a rebate and general consensus is that MSI is a terrible vendor to expect rebate honoring from.
  4. ^ I've had rebates come in after 6+ months, and 2-3 months is the crappy norm.

    Good Luck!
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