Can you change the disk on the inside of a 10gb hdd to a 500gb hdd to recover ol

can you change the disk on the inside of a 10gb hdd to a 500gb hdd to recover old files you have lost on falty 500gb drive
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  1. Nope.
  2. i dident think so but i still want the files off the drive can you help
  3. nope. your only hope is to change the platters into another drive of the same model.

  4. If the problem is a bad controller card, you can swap the faulty controller with one from a drive of the identical size and model.

    If you want to swap drive platters, you should have a "clean room":
    or your odds of success will be extremely low.
  5. thanks for your help i think changing the platters would be to tricky for my skills i have seen replacement boards but are around £60 to £70 can you get the boards fixed for less as get a pro to get my files its allot more expensive around £100
    some of the files are are not recoverable replaceable i should have made a backup and don't want to spend lots of money if the files cant be restored so i would be greatfull for anymore help cheers
  6. is the drive physically spinning?

    if you put your finger on the drive casing can you feel vibration?

    if not you can try to get the same model drive from ebay and swap the controller board--though its got to be identical

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