Strange comparison: GTX280M vs GTX 260

Hi guys, Im trying to figure out if my laptop will be able to run Bad Company 2 with decent+ results.

I was looking at the "Can You Run It?" website, and it while i did pass the minimum reqs, to get to recommended level I had to get a new video card. It stated i should buy a desktop - GPU, which, to be honest, seems a litte stupid.
So if I had to make a comparison between my GeFore GTX280M and the desktop GPUS GeForce GTX 260 / ATI Radeon HD 4870 -
Am I far behind?

My other specs are
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P9700 @ 2.80GHz
7200 RPM hdd @ 500GB
4GB 1033mhz RAM, dont really know what manufacturer..
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  1. Man, that sucks.. I'm not happy at all with that..
    Oh well.. Any other comments'?
  2. Quote:
    HD 4870> GTX 260>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GTX 280M

    That is a tad over dramatic I think.
    The 4870 is about equal to the core216 260, with the 260 a hair ahead.

    The 280M would be in the same ball park as an 8800gtx. It has the same core as the 9800M's
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