How do I turn down my 212+ fans?

I have a Hyper 212+ on my i5 3570k. I have the stock fan and an additional CM Blue LED 69 cfm fan on the cooler, both plugged into cpu fan headers on my ASRock z77 extreme4. They are running at full speed which is quite load. I tried to turn them down in the BIOS, when I did it caused a weird vibrating on my table, so i revert back to full speed.

Can anyone tell me how to throttle down my fans please?
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  1. It sounds like what you did was the right thing to do, it's just that one or both of the fans develops a vibration at low speeds. There's really not anything you can do about that except replace them if it annoys you enough.
  2. You can try speedfan, which is software based and free. You could also use a 5.25 bay fan controller. They even make inline resisters that will lower them to 7v instead of 12v.
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    Use ASRock Extreme Tuner.

    It works great on my Z68 Extreme 4 Gen 3.
  4. the fans vibrates when it low rpm ? enough vibration to feel at desk (even there a case)....

    I don't like how it sound, double check the fans if for dent.....

    a good fans will not vibrate, at least not that it will rock your table..
  5. It it noisy at full speed? If not then leave it.
  6. It is quite loud at full speed. The vibrations did not "rock" my table, but I felt them while using my mouse and when I had my elbow on the table.

    I downloaded AXTU, thanks for that tip. When I turned the fans down to power level 5, that vibrating started again. I turned it to 4 and it reduced it more. Now I am at 3 and I don't believe I feel it at all, and the fan is not as loud anymore. Thanks guys. Hopefully this wont hit my temps too hard.
  7. Do I need to click the auto run when windows start button for this profile to stay in effect? or does that just pop up the tuner when I turn on my pc?
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  9. eric4277 said:
    Do I need to click the auto run when windows start button for this profile to stay in effect? or does that just pop up the tuner when I turn on my pc?

    Yes, it AXTU will start with Windows and apply your fan settings.

    Though I prefer setting the fan stuff up in BIOS.
  10. I am thinking of buying some new, matching fans for my hyper 212+ so i can run them at higher speeds and quietly. I am thinking about getting a pair for the corsair SP120s. Any better suggestions? I need to order them today cause I have a 20% off code from
  11. Scratch the SP120s. I am thinking of getting a single CM Excalibur in push and the stock 212 fan in pull. Will that work? Are mismatching fans what causes the vibration problems?
  12. I am just now finding out that the 212+ comes with a blade master fan. So now I am thinking about just buying one of those to have matching fans and hope that fixes the vibrations at higher rpms.
  13. Push pull doesn't really do anything for air cooling, well specifically for the 212.

    Single fan would be the better option.
  14. I took off the extra fan and am now running the stock fan in push. I am still getting some vibration problems, only between 60%-90% now tho instead of 40%-90%. I dont know what the problem is. But I am getting good temps and low noise so I guess I am fine. I assume that it may be the way I attached the foam anti noise/vibration pads. I put them over the screws that go into the fan mounts.
  15. Are the screws secure?
  16. The heatsink was tightened until the screwed stopped. Same thing with the screws that holds the fan mounts in. One thing that does concern me is that even though I have tighted the heatsink until the screws would need extra force to turn. The heatsink, if pushed hard enough will twist a little bit. I am still getting great temps, but maybe that might be some of the vibration. I dont see it moving inside the case any though.
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