New drive shows up as 'system reserved' at 82.6 gb

Just bought a new 1 tb seagate hard drive and am trying to install it.

I shows up in the bios ok, windows 7 see's it as e: system resevered with 82.6gb total storage space, 85% free. This is in addition to the regular 100 gb system reserved that is always there, so I am showing two listings for system reserved drives.

I need to be able to format and restore a backup to this drive. Not sure if it is a virus or not, but right now windows loads, but I can not start any program other than windows explorer. Thought I could just do a restore to the new drive and fix the problem that way.

Have scanned PC with Kaspersky, and AVG from bootable cd's finding no infections after updates. Don't think that this is a related issue, but thought I should mention it just in case.

How can I get this drive up and running so I can do a restore and actually use my PC again?!?!?
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  1. Are you looking at this info via Disk Management? Try and delete all partitions on the disk and format it as one big chunk and restoring to it like that. Is the 100GB system reserved partition you are seeing actually 100MB? It sounds like its trying to set it up as a boot drive on its own. Did all of this happen AFTER you tried doing a restore to it?
  2. No this is all happening before restore. Pretty sure this was showing under disk management( going from memory). It showed 100 mb as system reserved (with no drive letter allocated), so i'm not sure if its actually 100 mb or not. The new drive shows up with as a new drive, with it's own drive letter, but only shows as 82.6mb total size, and is labelled system reserve.

    Not sure if this is relevant or not, but I've been having problems with windows 7. I can load windows, but can't start any programs, except for windows explorer. Don't know if it's a virus or not, I've scanned with kaspersky and AVG boot disks after updates and come up clean on both. Hence the reason to restore from a recent backup, which I am trying to install on the new drive.
  3. I don't have any partitions on any of my disks...
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