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I have very recently run a program on my computer to remove a program.
It did the job, and now I see that all the programs are loaded in the "Best Removal Tool" file, and none are in my xp add or remove file.
I have decided not to purchase the "removal tool.
How can I get the programs back to where they belong?
I have also run another ccleaner with dire results. CAn you help? Thanks
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  1. You probably need to re-install all the programs unless you made a copy of the registry before running all those tools. When a program is installed, it puts it's add/remove info into the registry, including where the uninstall script and files it needs to remove are. If that is removed, you can't get it back manually unless you knew exactly what those settings are and can re-create them. Re-installing the programs will do it though, or should. The utilities could have done a good job of corrupting the registry and even re-installing the programs won't help you.

    May need to run at least a Repair setup of Windows to get things back and then re-install your programs.
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