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I bought a computr from a law firm that was supposedly wiped out and ready to go, it is a dell dimension 9150 and at first i couldnt get past the black screen asking for password, i took the jumpers out and it let me past, only to take me to a windows welcome screen where i have to hit ctrl alt del and then another password screen comes up. The user name is initials, and it says connect to the law office domain or connect to initials computer, i dont know the password, and have no way of getting it. SO i thought and this may hve been dumb of me, wait a minnute i have a win xp pro disc of my own why dont i try and install it with the dells product key? so i put the disc in and it acts like it loading up, and then it says the disc has noticed that you do not have a hard drive, setup can not continue, i know the hard drive is in there, i opened it up, and i know it is connected, and it says it is recognized in the bios, what can i do?? i need to get this computer working, im behind on my homework!
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  1. The hard drive might have some sort of protection software on it. Go download DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke) and wipe the hard drive then try reinstalling. You will have to burn this on to a disk to use it but it should help.
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