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I am willing to buy a Laptop used mainly for Oracle and programming. And I am interested in designing using photoshop and illustrator as a hobby. Also I would like to play games like hidden objects,Cake Mania and so on. I am focusing much on a good processor and VGA to do the above work. I need 3G RAM and 320 GB HDD , bluetooth , wi-fi , finger print, cam with integrated mic. please tell me do I need eSata , HDMI , Card Reader because I have no idea what they are ?
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  1. ESata is used for external hard drives its faster then USB hard drives.

    HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) This is used to connect your PC to your TV entertainment center also some monitors use this connection too.

    Card Reader This is for the SDHC cards that you find in digital cameras They are used in other devices too but cameras is the most popular device you see them in.
  2. Those games you mentioned are light online flash games. I wouldn't be worried about hardware for them.
    I am unsure about photoshop and graphics usage but I think concentrating on the CPU and memory (ram) would be best for you. Avoid intel integrated graphics.
    If you are interested in suggestions, please provide a price.

    Everything I just said goes beyond your question though because SAAIELLO has answered your question well, unless you need clarification.
  3. Thanks SAAIELLO for clarification .

    @ enzo , I would like to pay in the range 700 - 800 $ (this is according to my country currency) , if there are any suggestions please provide me .
  4. If you told us your country or sites from there where we could look we could find something for you exactly but without it, I just went on The following I thought looked good. The first one has the most powerful graphics card but the other has a more powerful CPU:
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