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need help

i had 2 PSU's, first has been connected to the motherboard and graphic card (400wat) the other has been connected to the motherboard additional atx 4 pin , hard drive and the dvd-rom(420 wat) , everything was working fine for some time the suddenly the bad smell started from the first psu on the load , when playing games. Then the computer shut down and the first psu was dead, so i hooked up the second psu which works but i found a black burned mark on the additional atx 4 pin( the one which goes to the end of atx motherboard slot) the burned mark is where the yellow 12 volt wire goes, the second burned mark i found on the dead psu also on 12 volt slot on the atx cable... so i disconected that 4 pin and now i have 20 pin connected only ( there is no burned marks on 20 pin cable , it's clean) the motherboard is also clean no burned marks or anything weird... i doublechecked everything.

But the problem persists , very bad smell is coming from the PSU when under heavy load, in windows there is no smell at all but when i start something like Gta IV the whole room stinks horribly

please help? Is it the motherboard or the second psu
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  1. It smells like your pulling more current thru the wire than its rated for.
    In a home this is how fires start. The wire gets so hot the insulation melts, the wire can now spark or if its touching something flamable(like wood) - Poof
    I'm shocked that a fuse or link hasn't blown(must be a cheap PS)
    It could be either. the power supply could be shorted out by the MoBoor overloaded gy the graphics card.
    We need all your hardware listed, moBo , Graphics, how many drives, etc. to determone power draw.
    Some time is how long? In any event turn the computer on to troubleshoot repair only, unless you want to replace the Mobo as well.
  2. Graphic card is ATI Radeon HD4870, motherboard gygabite GA-M56-S3 , AMD Phenom 2.4 Ghz 9750, 4 Gb ram ddr2 800, 1 green sata drive, 1 dvd-rom
    Processor and the graphic card are new components which i bought a couple weeks ago and everything was working fine until now, the first psu had 20 pin atx cable, the second has 24-pin, and that 4 pin could separate and connect on the 4-pin slot which was left empty because first psu only had 20-pins, that way when i power up the pc both power supplys started to work
  3. Quick question there are two 6 pin connectors on the rear of this card, what do you have plugged in there?
  4. the card has two 6-pin connectors,each 6-pin goes to 2 molex connectors, all 4 molexes are plugged in the PSU
  5. Well AMD/ATI recommends an 800w power supply, you might not need this but I'm sure that 400 is not enough. The PS you have just can't handle the current draw your pulling.
    You can keep running until the PS you have now quits.
  6. thx, i know i need the better psu now, but i'm afraid that something's gone wrong with my motherboard because of the smell, psu maybe weak but it shouldn't produce such a smell under heavy load
  7. Just a note: The burnt 4 pin could have been from all the gaming done with the old Graphics card or a bad connection.
    To check it out now- when you shut down the system pull the power cord then touch the connector is it too hot to hold ( a problem) if not no problem.
  8. wow i just put my old graphic card and everything works normal, there's no smell ....

    so the next question is, is the graphic card defective or the PSU to weak to power it so the smell is coming from the psu
  9. I'm going with # 2
    I was in error with 800watts (must have been looking at crossfire) is 500w or more.
    Recommended power supply's:
  10. Look at you GPU carefully to see if anything has popped + smell it. I've seen this before and unfortunately first hand; ugly circle {maybe} - the old PSU may have popped a capacitor on the GPU - meaning now the old PSU is probably toast {smelly one} and NOW the GPU {might be} toast as well.

    If it were me then I would a get good 650W - 750W (OC) ~ Corsair TX750W PSU. I hate to preach, but ALL to often I jump from 1 post to the next and wish I could have recommended the need for a good PSU. A Bad PSU or Jerry Rigged can ruin an entire system and everything it's attached to {CPU. MOBO, GPUs, etc} over saving $30.

    Good PSU = 1 Single Rail + Japanese Capacitors {Modular is only a nicety}.
  11. GPU is clean, no ugly circles no smell, everything looks fine, everest reports all my voltages correct including 12v, so the motherboard is probably fine, howewer with longer testing of my old graphic card the psu started to smell a little, and with my new graphic card the smell i horrible an strong, probably becouse new graphic card draws 3x power than the old one
  12. First of all get yourself a good psu an antec earthwats 850 or a corsair modularr 850watt hook that puppy up then test your system. If ya still have problems then run hot cpu tester pro for 6 hours and yull know what hardware is bad good luck
  13. ^ Please get a new PSU ASAP, I get the $ issue but I don't want to see you regretting it later.

    Good PSU = 1 Single Rail + Japanese Capacitor and 650W - 750W (OC)

    Use Corsair's PSU configuration from the home page - you don't need to purchase a "Corsair PSU" but every moment is on borrowed time as you've described.

    I hope this answers your question & Good Luck!
  14. This is why we keep advising against using two small, cheap PSU's in a computer instead of just sucking it up and buying one good one.
  15. Amen Bro!
  16. I bought a new PSU, Xilence 600wat gaming edition, everything works beautiful, all my temps are much lower, there's no heat coming from the case, my performance is up by 20% , thx for help ...
  17. Glad to hear all is well, and you're luck in sooo many ways!

    Good Luck & Enjoy!
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