Laptop advice, 1st post!

Hey this is my first thread on "toms hardware"!!!

- anyways my question is that I'm a poor college student (who isn't) looking for a laptop or netbook in the price range of $300 to a maximum of $400, I can probably stretch it to like $450 though. I am going to to use it for papers and maybe a little gaming, also iTunes, so I want a moderate ram and harddrive probaby like 2-3 ram and 160-250 gb of hdd space. Good screen size cause I can't change that once I get my laptop(10-14in or w/e is considered large).

Please mention anything else that may help me and maybe some reccomendations on a specific model and brand reccomendations. Anything will help! Thanks guys!
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  1. You need a bigger budget. You have a netbook budget. And with its small 600 pixel vertical resolution, I do not think a netbook is really suitable for college work.
  2. I realize that but it's impossible under my circumstances right now. Anysuggestions ae gonna help at this point. I saw a Dell with intel pentium dual core porcessor, 3 ram and 250 gb hdd for $500 I liked it or how bout a compaq intel celeron processor with 2 ram and 250 gb hdd for $370??? Any advice on those?
  3. Either would be a far better choice than a netbook.
  4. This has excellent integrated graphics for the price but a single core CPU. so if you can hack it with the single core... I mean typing up world documents doesn't need much.

    Otherwise this computer has a T4200 dual core. It's recertified though I dunno I think that means referbished.

    The 4500 will limit you in games. I'll use the COD series as an example:
    cod2: playable for sure
    cod4: maybe playable at 640x480 on minimum settings provided you can play at 30fps.

    I think the ASUS is the best I can find. What games do you intend on playing?
  5. Thanks Enzo matrix, I'm looking at games all over, I mean like w/e I can just for recreation, I have an xbox 360 so I'd guess like mass effect 2, I liked age of empires and other real time strategy games like warhammer and civilization. That nots my main focus though, I just want a good laptop for a good price that'll do what I want it to efficently (mentioned in my initial thread). Thanks
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