Oc i5 3570k pretty bad chip because of vcore

Hi guys,

i think i had a pretty bad cpu chip because of my cpu vcore to reach 4,2ghz: cpu vid is 1,28xx vcore and my vcore set in offset mode with "+" and offset set to auto is at 1,26xx. I've read when i googled that some were having 4,4ghz with vcore under 1,2.
Have i done something wrong in bios or is it indeed a pretty bad cpu chipset?

i give you the details about my rig:

I5 3570k
asus maximus 4 extreme z
corsair vengeance ddr3 1600mhz xmp
hd western digital caviar green sata 3 1 tera
asus gtx580 dc2 1,5 gddr3
psu corsair ax1050watts modular silver

Please help me on that matter i am also a rookie in overclocking.

Thanks in advance for your help,

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  1. i think i know what's happening. if i set everything on auto it will automatically give me a higher vcore than needed actually. I am making a test in prime95 with vcore on manual set to 1,05 and 3,8ghz, blck on 100,0 and until now everything is fine
  2. ok guys i think i found what was happening. Something very technical indeed. It seemed my maximus 4 extreme-z was working under LN2 mode which is liquid nitrogen mode as if i was cooling the cpu with liquid nitrogen and so in subzero mode. That was probably why my vcore voltage needed to be pushed so high. Can someone confirm that? somone who is having a maximus x extreme edition?

    i hope it is indeed what was happening because now all seems to be back at normal

    (there is a switch on the mobo for ln2 mode which was by mistake activated)
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